St Patricks Day Parade

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He is a beloved figure because of his life story and accomplishments. He lived in the 4th century when Britain was still ruled by the Romans. In his late teens, he was kidnapped and turned into a slave. Somehow he managed to escape his captors and return to Ireland with a mission to convert people into Christianity. He was able to lead a productive life such that by the end he was able to leave a legacy that included multiple schools, churches, and monasteries. His exploits became legendary and he was elevated into sainthood to the cheers of the Irish. The day that commemorates him is characterized by feasts, religious services, and parades.

How Can You Promote the Parade?

Since St Patrick's Day is such a big occasion in Ireland and the Irish communities in different countries, it is common for businesses to seize the opportunity to promote their brand, products, and services to the masses. Various strategies can be considered to get the desired results. The dominant use of the green colour makes it suitable to use green or eco friendly corporate gifts for the occasion.

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These could be anything as long as they fit the theme. For example, companies can give away notebooks made from recycled paper or pens made from bamboo. They can promote eco-friendly shopping bags, card holders, executive planners, tumblers, gadget cases, travel accessories, and many more. The right choices depend on the character of the brand, its industry, its target market, and the message it wishes to convey to the recipients. The items can be given for free with every product purchase or redeemed after scoring a certain number of points. Printing shamrock logos would be a nice touch.

Why Do People Go to the Parade?

A lot of Irish immigrants went to the US to establish a new life. Their celebrations of St. Patrick's Day became less religious and more secular over time. In modern times, the day is marked with festivities that give those with Irish lineage a chance to proudly celebrate their heritage and all that implies. Massive parties are held in cities that have large immigrant populations and highly ranked Irish politicians. The first one in Boston was held way back in 1773 while the first in New York was held in 1762. Chicago even colours its river green in honour of the revered saint on this day.

Who are Usual Parade Participants?

Both Irish and non-Irish go to the parades and related activities for the duration of the celebrations. Young and old, men and women, rich and poor -- all of them wear green to get into the spirit. They might also wear the national plant of Ireland which is the shamrock in the lapel. They partake of traditional food such as corned beef and cabbage. Some even drink beer that has been dyed green for effect. These US-based traditions has also spilled over back to Ireland where natives have adopted them for fun and for the tourists.